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After some time, everyday topics, went to another land. We started talking about sex. I knew from the little guys, and Asia ever since she met me, so we were with each other close. Without any shame, as we talked together in bed and all, without losing the humor. At some point Przemek asked us what we think about group sex? I replied that I play it is fun to do in more people laughing at a joke, a wink to Asia.
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Now Przemek looked at Asya repeating the question - is she smiled and assuming his legs said he always dreamed about it, but I guess her boyfriend to be afraid. We started with Asia to tease who's afraid all the time laughing. Suddenly Przemek said that's enough talk and put his hand on the leg of my girls started petting her. Asia smiled at me and putting his hands on his knees guys let go of my eye.

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